Come Clean–How To Help Your Hotel Guests Have The Best Experience Possible With On-Site Self-Serve Laundry

Access to on-site guest laundry facilities may be one of the hotel industry’s less-glamorous amenities, but when life gets messy being able to quickly wash or dry something can make all the difference in a traveler’s experience.  Whether your hotel is able to offer your guests a dedicated laundry room or you just have a couple of coin-ops in the hallway, here are some ways to make sure your visitors get the most out of your laundry facilities.

Invest in Quality Equipment

The type of equipment you are able to offer will reflect back on your business.  Guests will not expect hundreds of options and specialized settings, but they will not be impressed by machines that are dated, slow, and loud.  Instead, invest in quality commercial washing machines with adequate capacity, the ability to perform efficiently (minimizing the need for repeat cycles), and that don’t make excessive noise. 

Make Maintenance a Priority

Few things are as off-putting to a traveler as seeing an “out of order” sign taped to a machine when they need it most.  Spare your guests the disappointment of choosing a hotel with on-site laundry only to still have to hit a laundromat by keeping machines in good shape through regular maintenance.  When a problem does arrive, make sure it is repaired promptly.

Adequate Number of Machines

Despite your best efforts, well-maintained machines do occasionally break down.  Also, even when everything is up and running perfectly there may be multiple guests who need access to machines at the same time.  Prevent guest frustration by investing in multiple machines.  Be aware of how often machines are being used–if all available machines are running simultaneously at least once a day it is probably time to purchase additional equipment.  If you have a pool at your location, you may also want to install extra dryers so swimmers can dry damp suits while other guests do full laundry.

Get the Word Out

Of course, owning great machines provides little benefit if guests aren’t aware of them.  You can mention the on-site laundry at check-in, but you can also raise awareness by placing reminders in strategic places.  Some possibilities?  A sign in the fitness room could let guests know they don’t need to re-wear sweaty gym clothing during their stay.  A note near the pool could spare guests the inconvenience of packing wet suits.  Information could even be placed in the hotel restaurant or with take-out menus suggesting that if guests spill, they can tackle stains immediately rather than waiting until they return home.

Also, adequate hallway signs directing guests to the machines serve the double-purpose of preventing lost laundry-seekers and reminding visitors of your commitment to their convenience.

Change for the Better

Make your guests’ lives easier by having a way for them to change dollars into quarters.  A change-making machine is one option, but keeping the front desk stocked with quarters is often easier.  Leave a note near machines advising that the front desk is happy to make change to help bashful guests feel comfortable making the request.

Have Detergent Available

Finally, because most travelers don’t regularly carry detergent with them, have single-wash packets of detergent and fabric softener available somewhere on-site.  While offering them as a complementary necessity at the front desk is a nice gesture, most guests won’t mind paying a reasonable price for these supplies and they can easily be sold alongside candy and hygiene products at a hotel sundries store.

Following these simple steps will help make having access to washers and dryers one more way your guests feel truly at-home in your hotel.  

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3 Signs That You’re Spending Too Much To Heat Your Manufacturing Plant

As someone who runs a manufacturing plant, you probably know that nothing is cheap when it comes to running an industrial company. Keeping your building warm when the temperatures are plunging outside can be a costly challenge, but it’s critical to keep temperatures reasonable for the health and morale of employees and to prevent damage to your supplies and equipment. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that you’re spending far more on heating your industrial building than you should. Look for these signs, and you can then make changes to help you save money while keeping your manufacturing plant at a comfortable temperature all winter long.

1. You Aren’t Careful With Doors

Large, industrial-size doors can allow a lot of warm air to get out of your building in a short amount of time. If you don’t have rules in place regarding keeping the doors tightly closed at all times, then there’s a strong chance that you’re spending a lot more in heating than you should. It’s also important to check the area around your doors and around any windows that might be on your doors to ensure that there are no air leaks. If there are, you should use caulk or weather stripping to cover up these leaks. Another good option might be to replace older doors with energy efficient ones. Although this will require an investment on your part, you’re sure to get this money back and then some when you save on heating your plant.

2. You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of Heat From Machinery

As you probably already know, a lot of the machinery and equipment inside a manufacturing plant produces a lot of heat while in use. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, then you should. Place a large industrial fan above these machines so that the warm air that they produce will be circulated throughout the plant. Also, consider leaving areas open rather than closing them off so that the heat can spread throughout the building.

3. You Aren’t Using Gas For Heat

If you are using electric to power your heating and air conditioning system, then you are probably spending far too much. Although it’s debatable when it comes to the best choice for residential use, gas-powered air conditioning and heating systems are usually the best solution for manufacturing plants. Plus, if you purchase your fuel in bulk, you can save quite a bit of money.

As you can see, there are a few different reasons why you might be spending too much to heat your manufacturing plant. Luckily, spotting out these signs and making minor changes can help you save in the future while keeping the building as toasty and warm as ever.

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Party Potty: How To Disguise A Portable Toilet

For most people, porta potties bring images of dirty, smelly, plastic rooms designed to make your personal business as public as possible.  They are usually brightly colored and often placed in prominent locations so they can be easily found.  However, when hosting an event, the last thing you want people to see is a bright blue plastic room in which to do their business.

Here are some ways to disguise portable toilets and still keep them accessible to guests. 

Rental Tents

Concealing toilets inside a rental tent will create a better looking “building” for portable potties and give people a place to wait for an unoccupied unit.  Designate one tent for women and one tent for men.  The tents can be lit and decorated to match the theme of the party.

Use signs that also match the decor to assign gender and discretely point the way for guests.  To help create a more upscale feeling, set up a small table inside each tent with sanitation and beauty supplies such as hand sanitizer, lotion, mints, and perfume or aftershave.


If a rental tent isn’t in the budget, strategically placing the portable buildings can create a feeling of privacy.  Hide the units behind a nearby building or behind a row of trees.  A sheet or tarp hung up between two trees could also create a cheap and easy hiding place.  Lattice is a little more expensive, but makes a screen that can be decorated with foliage, or tulle to camouflage potties.  Just be sure guests can still find their way to the bathroom once it’s hidden. 


A suitable place may not be available to conceal your bathrooms.  In this case, hide them in plain sight.  Add some humor to the situation by making the porta potties part of the decor.  For a wedding, use cardstock to decorate one as a bride and the other as a groom.  A cow and bull would be funny for a barbecue.  Drape them with sheets to create a tent-like look or cover them with flowers.  Keep in mind, the purpose of a party is to have fun, so be creative. 

Portable bathrooms often get a bad rap because they’ve been left unattended in a public location for too long.  No one is taking care of the upkeep so they become messy and smelly.  During your event, be sure to assign potty duty to someone.

Keep the toilet paper stocked, the room wiped down, and air freshener handy and your guests will be comfortable and grateful to you for the extra thought.  Some rental companies offer this service as part of their package so ask your provider.  If you want more help or have other questions, consider contacting a company like Pitton Portable to learn more.

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2 Major Innovations Within The Pavement Industry

Whether you work in the paving industry or you have an interest in pavement for another reason, you would probably be interested in being informed of the latest innovations. Here is an overview of some of the most exciting advancements in paving in a long time:

Safer, more durable roads

In provinces where snow falls frequently, salt must be applied to the roads in order to keep them save for motorists. However, the salt is often very damaging to vehicles, as well as the road itself. Potholes begin to form over time, resulting in the need for frequent car repairs and paint jobs. Fortunately, more and more states and provinces are switching to newer, more resistant asphalt, which eliminates these problems.

Originating in Texas, this new super resistant pavement is constructed of a combination of materials that are specially made to perform in a more cost-effective manner. Here are some other facts about this new technologically-advanced pavement:

  • This innovative new pavement looks like traditional pavement, although it is definitely anything but.
  • The new asphalt is both rut and crack resistant, making it virtually impossible for inclement weather or any other condition to cause premature wear on roads constructed using this material.
  • This new pavement is more costly to create than conventional choices, although creators are working on making a less costly version that is just as effective.

Environmentally-friendly pavement

With people continuing to become more conscious of how their actions can negatively affect the environment, increasingly amounts of people are becoming “greener.” In order to prevent residents from suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms as a result of the infrastructure, more and more towns are voting for upgrading to green pavement. With traditional pavement, chemicals and toxins are collected by roads, causing these toxins to spill into the water supply and negatively affect the health of people and wildlife. Green pavement prevents the collection of these toxins, resulting in improved overall health.

So as you can see, there have been some great advancements within the pavement industry. If you live in a state or province that has not yet made the switch to this new super durable asphalt or green pavement, then you can rest assured that sooner or later it should make its debut in your area, as well. Then, you can enjoy roads with practically no potholes or other damage, and water and an environment with fewer toxins. This will enable you to incur less damage to your vehicle—and your health. Contact a company like General Asphalt Paving Ltd. for more information.

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A Closer Look At The Three Different Types Of Well Water Pumps

If your home has to rely on a local well or water source, there is a good chance you will be faced with decisions about what type of water pump will be best for your water delivery needs. In order to make the best choice, you must understand the three basic types of pumps and how they function. Here is a closer look at the three main types of well water pumps, how they function, and their features.

Shallow Well Pump

This type of pump operates with a jet system that sits above ground. The pump offers a pumping arm that reaches below ground to pull water to the surface and route it to the home. This is a good choice for homes that have a shallow well because the jet inlet system is only capable of pulling water from around 25 feet. The benefits of the shallow well jet pump include:

  • Lower initial investment
  • Homeowner can usually install the pump without professional assistance
  • A one-way pump valve keeps the water primed and ready at all times
  • Above-ground functionality provides an easy maintenance solution

Deep Well Submersible Water Pump

The deep well submersible pump is a more high end water well pump as it is capable of operating at deeper depths and can be submerged in the water. When in place, a pump pushes water through a single pipeline to the home. The only downfalls to these pumps is that professional installation is sometimes a necessity and maintenance repairs can be challenging. The benefits of the deep well submersible water pump include:

  • A pressure system that is used with this pump usually means good water pressure in the home
  • The pump can be used in extremely deep wells up to a range of 350 to 400 feet, in most cases
  • High efficiency design means durable function for several years

Deep Well Jet Water Pump

A less expensive option compared to the submersible pump, the deep well jet water pump is designed to be placed outside of the water well. The above ground function of the pump is made possible by both an inlet and release pipe that filters water to your home. This pump reaches further beneath the ground and can pull water from depths as far as 100 feet. Some of the benefits of this water pump include:

  • A foot valve on the pump to prime pressure when needed
  • Above ground means easy maintenance and installation
  • Can be used along with a pressure system to boost water pressure in the home

Choosing the best water pump for your well is one of the most crucial things that you can do. This will help to ensure you always have a water supply ready and waiting when you turn on the tap, which is vital to the functionality of your home. Contact a company like Aquateck Ltd for more tips.

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