Choosing the right moulding for your project can often be confusing because there are so many options. Of course, wooden mouldings are the most popular because they are affordable, can be painted any color and come in many different styles. MDF (or medium density fiberboard) is one type of composite wooden moulding that is very popular for a number of reasons. This article explains why it is better than solid wood. It also explains how to best paint MDF.

Why You Should Choose MDF

MDF is a great alternative to real wood when it comes to moulding. It is a composite wood that basically consists of wood fibers that are mixed and glued together. To the untrained eye it looks just like real wood, except it does not have any knots and the texture is smoother. Many moulding manufacturers only make moulding out of MDF because it is more flexible and lightweight than wood.

You can find all of the same great colors and styles that are available in real wood. MDF moulding is also easy to paint because the texture is more consistent than raw wood. It is slightly softer and more porous than real wood so it absorbs more paint. This just means that you need to apply primer before you paint the moulding. Since MDF is flexible it can be installed on curved walls. And, since it is lightweight, it can be installed as crown.

How to Paint MDF

MDF can be painted with normal wood paint, but it should be primed first. The finish will turn out much smoother and more consistent if you spray it with a pneumatic paint gun. A spray gun will leave behind no brushstrokes. The main issue you have to deal with is painting the moulding prior to installation. This is actually more convenient if you can set up a painting area where you spray all of the moulding at once.

Once the moulding is installed, you will need to fill the nail holes and make cosmetic paint touch ups. For these repairs you can just use a paint brush and wood putty. Most basic MDF touch ups can be done with all the same tools you use to work on normal wood (like sandpaper, nails, caulk, etc.).

MDF is a great alternative and it looks just like real wood when it is properly painted. It is easy to see why it is so commonly used in all sorts of buildings. To find out more, speak with a business like Exquisite Wood Mouldings.