If you are unable to store your RV camper at your home, you may have already looked into getting a self-storage unit. This allows you to store your camper at a storage facility so you don’t have to worry about keeping it on your home property if space is limited. Self-storage still allows you to take your camper whenever you need it, as long as you pay a monthly storage premium. While most facilities are safe and secure, for peace of mind, you should still think about additional ways to keep your investment safe while it’s in a storage unit.

Choose A Well-Lit Area

Most likely, upon your initial visit, you’ll be visiting the storage unit during the daylight hours. Before you agree to a lease agreement or rental fee with a company, be sure that their self-storage facility will work for your needs. An important thing to look for is lighting. You will most likely be storing your RV around the perimeter of the storage facility. While it should have a fence in place, it’s important that the area is also well lit. Strong lighting sources may help deter thieves from coming up to your RV and attempting to breaking into your camper.

Remove Personal Information

It’s important to take everything out of your camper to ensure that thieves can’t get a hold of your personal data. If you have signs hanging in your window or on the back of your camper that has your last name, think about removing it. Identity thieves can easily get your name and break into areas such as the camper glove box. From there, they can obtain your full name, date of birth and address just from your registration paperwork. To err on the side of safety and caution, take the registration with you when it’s being locked in storage.

Don’t Leave Valuables In Your RV

Most campers are jam packed with plenty of places to leave personal effects behind. These storage cubbies may easily go overlooked as you begin to unpack after a trip. Never leave valuables in storage including:

  • Cash and jewelry
  • Television sets
  • DVD players and other electronics
  • Small appliances that can be easily removed

Even small, older items can be stolen and turned into cash by a relentless thief. Consider removing these items and taking them with you when decide to leave the storage unit premises.

Beef Up Security

Choosing a storage facility with well-monitored and secured grounds is important in keeping your RV safe. Making sure the storage facility has security cameras, key pad entry and gated entry is also vital. You should also consider wireless security for your own personal use. This could be a combination of an alarm system or camera system that allows you to conduct surveillance from a remote location such as your home PC or cell phone.  

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