Few parts of your property are more of a blank canvas than your garage door, which is almost literally a blank canvas. Whether you’re decorating for the holidays, springtime, or for any special occasion, it is important to know exactly what you can and cannot put on your garage door for the sake of allowing it to open and close properly. Here are a few simple rules for making sure your decorations don’t get in the way of your door’s operation. 

Don’t Let Your Decorations Jut Out

This one might seem obvious, but it might restrict your decoration options more than you might think. Measuring the distance between your garage door when it is open and the ceiling above it will give you a good idea of how big your decorations can be. Christmas wreaths that are overly elaborate are typically a no-go, and decorations like flags are usually a problem. However, a way to get around this would be to use a more modest wreath around the holidays, and draping a cloth flag across the front of the door, instead of mounting them on poles. This way, the door will be able to open and close freely without issue, just so long as there aren’t any screws or nails sticking out of the back. 

Leave the Heavy Stuff Off

Another big issue when mounting decorations on a garage door is the weight, especially when your garage door is particularly heavy, like those made of wood. The horsepower of your garage door opener obviously has a large impact on this, and as a general benchmark, an opener that is 1/2 horsepower can lift around 300 lb, while a 1 horsepower opener can lift about 400 lb. Asking your garage door service company about the amount of weight your opener can lift is a great way to guarantee you won’t be stuck with an unusable garage. When asking this, make sure to also ask about the total weight of the door, as this will tell you the approximate weight of decorations you can use without harming the motor. 

Your garage door is a fantastic place for personal expression, and a great way to liven up your back or side yard. However, getting carried away with decorations can be expensive and time consuming if it causes your door to be useless. When in doubt, go for light, flat decorations or even washable paint to use this blank space as a backdrop for your home decor. For more information, contact Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd.