Access to on-site guest laundry facilities may be one of the hotel industry’s less-glamorous amenities, but when life gets messy being able to quickly wash or dry something can make all the difference in a traveler’s experience.  Whether your hotel is able to offer your guests a dedicated laundry room or you just have a couple of coin-ops in the hallway, here are some ways to make sure your visitors get the most out of your laundry facilities.

Invest in Quality Equipment

The type of equipment you are able to offer will reflect back on your business.  Guests will not expect hundreds of options and specialized settings, but they will not be impressed by machines that are dated, slow, and loud.  Instead, invest in quality commercial washing machines with adequate capacity, the ability to perform efficiently (minimizing the need for repeat cycles), and that don’t make excessive noise. 

Make Maintenance a Priority

Few things are as off-putting to a traveler as seeing an “out of order” sign taped to a machine when they need it most.  Spare your guests the disappointment of choosing a hotel with on-site laundry only to still have to hit a laundromat by keeping machines in good shape through regular maintenance.  When a problem does arrive, make sure it is repaired promptly.

Adequate Number of Machines

Despite your best efforts, well-maintained machines do occasionally break down.  Also, even when everything is up and running perfectly there may be multiple guests who need access to machines at the same time.  Prevent guest frustration by investing in multiple machines.  Be aware of how often machines are being used–if all available machines are running simultaneously at least once a day it is probably time to purchase additional equipment.  If you have a pool at your location, you may also want to install extra dryers so swimmers can dry damp suits while other guests do full laundry.

Get the Word Out

Of course, owning great machines provides little benefit if guests aren’t aware of them.  You can mention the on-site laundry at check-in, but you can also raise awareness by placing reminders in strategic places.  Some possibilities?  A sign in the fitness room could let guests know they don’t need to re-wear sweaty gym clothing during their stay.  A note near the pool could spare guests the inconvenience of packing wet suits.  Information could even be placed in the hotel restaurant or with take-out menus suggesting that if guests spill, they can tackle stains immediately rather than waiting until they return home.

Also, adequate hallway signs directing guests to the machines serve the double-purpose of preventing lost laundry-seekers and reminding visitors of your commitment to their convenience.

Change for the Better

Make your guests’ lives easier by having a way for them to change dollars into quarters.  A change-making machine is one option, but keeping the front desk stocked with quarters is often easier.  Leave a note near machines advising that the front desk is happy to make change to help bashful guests feel comfortable making the request.

Have Detergent Available

Finally, because most travelers don’t regularly carry detergent with them, have single-wash packets of detergent and fabric softener available somewhere on-site.  While offering them as a complementary necessity at the front desk is a nice gesture, most guests won’t mind paying a reasonable price for these supplies and they can easily be sold alongside candy and hygiene products at a hotel sundries store.

Following these simple steps will help make having access to washers and dryers one more way your guests feel truly at-home in your hotel.