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Party Potty: How To Disguise A Portable Toilet

For most people, porta potties bring images of dirty, smelly, plastic rooms designed to make your personal business as public as possible.  They are usually brightly colored and often placed in prominent locations so they can be easily found.  However, when hosting an event, the last thing you want people to see is a bright blue plastic room in which to do their business.

Here are some ways to disguise portable toilets and still keep them accessible to guests. 

Rental Tents

Concealing toilets inside a rental tent will create a better looking “building” for portable potties and give people a place to wait for an unoccupied unit.  Designate one tent for women and one tent for men.  The tents can be lit and decorated to match the theme of the party.

Use signs that also match the decor to assign gender and discretely point the way for guests.  To help create a more upscale feeling, set up a small table inside each tent with sanitation and beauty supplies such as hand sanitizer, lotion, mints, and perfume or aftershave.


If a rental tent isn’t in the budget, strategically placing the portable buildings can create a feeling of privacy.  Hide the units behind a nearby building or behind a row of trees.  A sheet or tarp hung up between two trees could also create a cheap and easy hiding place.  Lattice is a little more expensive, but makes a screen that can be decorated with foliage, or tulle to camouflage potties.  Just be sure guests can still find their way to the bathroom once it’s hidden. 


A suitable place may not be available to conceal your bathrooms.  In this case, hide them in plain sight.  Add some humor to the situation by making the porta potties part of the decor.  For a wedding, use cardstock to decorate one as a bride and the other as a groom.  A cow and bull would be funny for a barbecue.  Drape them with sheets to create a tent-like look or cover them with flowers.  Keep in mind, the purpose of a party is to have fun, so be creative. 

Portable bathrooms often get a bad rap because they’ve been left unattended in a public location for too long.  No one is taking care of the upkeep so they become messy and smelly.  During your event, be sure to assign potty duty to someone.

Keep the toilet paper stocked, the room wiped down, and air freshener handy and your guests will be comfortable and grateful to you for the extra thought.  Some rental companies offer this service as part of their package so ask your provider.  If you want more help or have other questions, consider contacting a company like Pitton Portable to learn more.

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2 Major Innovations Within The Pavement Industry

Whether you work in the paving industry or you have an interest in pavement for another reason, you would probably be interested in being informed of the latest innovations. Here is an overview of some of the most exciting advancements in paving in a long time:

Safer, more durable roads

In provinces where snow falls frequently, salt must be applied to the roads in order to keep them save for motorists. However, the salt is often very damaging to vehicles, as well as the road itself. Potholes begin to form over time, resulting in the need for frequent car repairs and paint jobs. Fortunately, more and more states and provinces are switching to newer, more resistant asphalt, which eliminates these problems.

Originating in Texas, this new super resistant pavement is constructed of a combination of materials that are specially made to perform in a more cost-effective manner. Here are some other facts about this new technologically-advanced pavement:

  • This innovative new pavement looks like traditional pavement, although it is definitely anything but.
  • The new asphalt is both rut and crack resistant, making it virtually impossible for inclement weather or any other condition to cause premature wear on roads constructed using this material.
  • This new pavement is more costly to create than conventional choices, although creators are working on making a less costly version that is just as effective.

Environmentally-friendly pavement

With people continuing to become more conscious of how their actions can negatively affect the environment, increasingly amounts of people are becoming “greener.” In order to prevent residents from suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms as a result of the infrastructure, more and more towns are voting for upgrading to green pavement. With traditional pavement, chemicals and toxins are collected by roads, causing these toxins to spill into the water supply and negatively affect the health of people and wildlife. Green pavement prevents the collection of these toxins, resulting in improved overall health.

So as you can see, there have been some great advancements within the pavement industry. If you live in a state or province that has not yet made the switch to this new super durable asphalt or green pavement, then you can rest assured that sooner or later it should make its debut in your area, as well. Then, you can enjoy roads with practically no potholes or other damage, and water and an environment with fewer toxins. This will enable you to incur less damage to your vehicle—and your health. Contact a company like General Asphalt Paving Ltd. for more information.

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